Perfectly framed by the leaves of the tree that stands by my window. It seems as though its the only one in the sky and its owning it . Shining so bright like a diamond . Everything is calm, its hanging still in the sky but i feel like I’m watching an exciting show .
I’m amazed at how it’s set in a place where lots of people, like me, have access to it. I feel as though i appreciate it better than all the others who see it though. It also smiles at me better than it does others! I’m really honored.
When the sky gets darker , and other stars show, my star shines brighter still. It doesn’t tire showcasing its loveliness. I was surprised once when i found out that because its effortlessly stunning , if thought it was ordinary. It can never be down there, it passed that level right at creation!
I love my star so much! I trust that it’s always there for me even when i can’t see it. I like how it makes me feel like everything will be alright.
Do you have a star of your own? Like, that special person! Of course you do, but you probably don’t realize it. I appreciate the fact that i have found my star more. Whenever i miss him, i just look at the sky and smile.