Humans are social beings. The African Ubuntu Philosophy is right to say “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, translated,” a person is, because of others”. We need each other despite our differences!

Now being good to others isn’t something unfathomable. Yes people may misconstrue your actions, for instance, a child may hate his or her parent for disciplining when the parent is just looking out for the him/her, but that shouldn’t stop you. You don’t necessarily have to be good only to those who are also nice to you because it won’t really make a difference.If you’ve ever been good to a person who didn’t expect it, you know how priceless the feeling is.

Do not go out preaching about how nice you’ve been. Your left hand doesn’t need to know what your right hand is doing. Your reward will come eventually. You have many opportunities to be nice to each and everyone you meet. Always look for ways to make someone smile or get a thank you. That’ll definitely help you realize your purpose in life!