Purple Rain !

Engulfed in thought, i stood at the bus station anticipating the arrival of my bus, when suddenly i saw something quite surprising!

Rain ! I mean huge purple raindrops ! In my mind i was like wait what! Is this really happening? How come it’s not making any sounds though? How come no one is taking cover or something?

Turns out it was just flowers. Flowers falling off a huge Jacaranda tree i happened to be standing under! Cute little light flowers. So gentle and lovely.

Proverbs 9, Wisdom is personal

Wisdom (the Holy Spirit) is leaving no stone unturned in effort to call people to light. Resources of all kinds have been dedicated to the cause. In fact, all heaven was poured to us in one Gift (Christ) and still angels and Jesus, are still working towards the salvation of man If you correct the […]

Proverbs 9, Wisdom is personal

Does not wisdom call?

Opportunities to learn about Jesus and how to live right are always around! Whether you are a student , parent or worker, whether you are in India, South Africa, Zimbabwe or America, whether it be at church, on social media and even in nature! That is actually wisdom calling out to you. All the words […]

Does not wisdom call?

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/02/2022

Welcome to the 6 minute challenge! Today’s prompt is: Unbelievable Pictures – Home | Facebookfacebook.com This picture shows someone walking a bicycle that is piled with bricks. The man has left a hole in the pile of bricks so he can reach the handlebar of the bike. *****For any participants that do NOT like restrictions, […]

Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 08/02/2022

There is a thin line between making the most out of an opportunity and desperation. Many people’s actions reflect how desperate they are in their minds. People are struggling, clinging to one ray of hope to fulfill their dreams! If only they learn of the love of their maker, and harken to His advice! They would enjoy some peace, joy and happiness even in this hopeless world.

Guard the avenues of your heart….(Proverbs 4)

God speaks to us his children as a father. He cares for us more than the best father could ever do.He assures us that He provides us only with what is best for us ,so we should not forsake His teaching een if it may be tough to swallow or even unnecessary.
“Don’t forget” the Bible says often in the book of Proverbs God knows that we twnd to forget and lose our pathsand that’s why we should put effort in remembering. Try your best to keep His Word within reach in your mind. It will guide us. We should therefore value it and honour it and in turn that will also happen to us.
Long life has a recipe. Honouring your parents, which is what a wise person would do leads to a long life, along with all the other benefits of wisdom. Infact, wisdom is life and so the more wisdom you acquire the longer your life will get, not a miserable one but one filled with happiness and honour and wealth.
Avoid entering the path of the wicked. There are lots of those these days, gosh! Satans traps are everywhere, the tv, social media, school, homes, relationships our minds and even our folks. You’ll need wisdom to discern their presence. Sometimes its quite easy though, for those people you know are of bad influence, bad applications or boyfriends or girlfriends or neighbours or teachers or even churchmates, you know that whatever they do or say in the end is negative , whether it be direct or indirect. You can’t go to Satan’s home ground and expect him to be a saint. They will make evil seem justified or fun even. Complaining, looking down on others or bullying them, stealing , lying, cheating , the list of what they can make light is endless. Bottom line is , avoid them! Have nothing to do with them.
The path (s)of righteousness can fortunately not be mistaken for the way of the wicked. It is like dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. The way(s) of the wicked on the other side is like deep darkness, no wonder why they always stumble, most of the time they don’t even know what they did and so one weakness can keep stumbling them.
The Word of the Lord (Wisdom) heals. It heals physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and psychologically.
“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life”. I love the word “keep” there. It’s a doing word, a responsibility, your responsibility towards your heart. The heart we can in other words call, desires/mind. What you feed your mind with, that is what you spend your time doing, seeing, touching, feeling, hearing/listening to and eating even affects your life greatly. It can either allow life to flow from the springs or otherwise dirty it or hinder life from flowing at all.
Put away crooked speech( slang) and devious talk. Talk that is full of violence, degrading, negative and sad. Instead, spread positivity and hope! That is the love of God, the gospel 😊.
Turn away from evil. Temptations will always come but turn away from them. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Don’t swerve like an indecisive person, coz what you fail to overcome unfortunately will overcome you. Choose a path and stick to it. God blessed is with the ability to adapt once we decide what we want. By repetition, our body learns eventually to do the behavior easily and without much thought and effort. You know, repeated actions become habits, and habits form character. The path of wisdom is the one i recommend! Learn it, repeat it till it becomes you! It’s the way to go. You can do it !

The fear of the Lord?

Well, i think basically it’s knowing and understanding how God works. If one learns more about Him, they will realize how great God’s love is, how He wants what’s best for His children and is always looking out for them. They’ll also understand how sin is bad for them and will want to leave it, […]

The fear of the Lord?