Are you really ok?

Pretending you’re not hurt is not the same as healing
Allow yourself to feel be pain, otherwise you won’t get stronger. Give in to the tears , let it all out! Talk about it if you must . Write it if need be. Just don’t ignore it.

Ready for marriage?

People can be ready, but for different things🤷🏽‍♀️. Most people’s definitions of the words ready and marriage are to vague and so they often assume they’re ready when it’s for different things. One may be ready to be a father but not a husband or son-in-law🤷🏽‍♀️ Another may be ready for sex and not for any other responsibility really, and for most , it’s just readiness to tick the marriage box and stop societal pressure . A few others are just ready to leave their homes for new ones 🤦🏽‍♀️ Expectations are built around those and clushes and bombardings happen and the people are miserable unless they start viewing things from the same angle🤷🏽‍♀️. For instance, those who marry too early or those who have super big age differences, usually have almost predictable issues in their marriges because the differences will be vivid.🤷🏽‍♀️

Wallpaper against my anxiety😊

Towards the beginning of every school term i get anxious. It’s the changes and transitions that just keep me right on the age. If at least one of all the things around me remains constant, it makes me happy. One of the special things that have helped keep me going is my phone’s wallpaper!

I’m always with my phone! I love the fact that i have complete jurisdiction over what happens with it really. It’s like my own little world.

I have wallpapers to suit my every mood and that’s so cool! Well, what makes it cool is that everytime I’m anxious i put something calming and relaxing on my wallpaper and that kind of diffuses to wherever I’ll be and help me feel better!

You should try calming wallpapers when you’re anxious! I know it’s not always possible to be out in nature but you can still get a strong sense of it even in pictures!

Don’t cry because it’s over , be happy that it happened!

Congratulations! You’ve made it into 2022. I bet you have a lot you want to do this year, and i wish you a the best with all of it! The year is still starting , which means the holidays are gone now ! It can make us feel really sad sometimes, saying goodbyes and going back to our usual routines. But it shouldn’t be like that at all! Lets focus on all the lovely memories and be happy we had them! Crying or being sad won’t really get us anywhere after all. I hope that this year be the best one yet for you! Happy Blogging!

Wasting Resources !

Would you rather have someone supporting you to take a dive or to finish a project? Would you rather have people around you when you’re about to go into surgery or when you wanna try to skydive? I would rather have all your support on any other thing that is far from simulated danger!

The effort and resources you use to do those can be channelled elsewhere you know! Donate some or start a business lol. Spend time with family and friends. You’d make better memories ten than just remembering how scared you felt, or God forbid anything goes wrong in a stunt, how painful a fracture was!

I have nothing against adventure and having fun, fear factor stunts and heart racing activities. Y’all can go and do it and have fun! I’m just saying don’t do those things for the wrong reasons or take too huge risks to try to please anyone. You can use the energy elsewhere. Don’t waste resources eyy kkkkkkk.

Both are young and innocent….

Don’t they look so adorable? How amazing is their resemblance? They could possibly be thinking of the same thing! Clearly, they are both young and innocent! They both deserve to be taken care of well. Just so cute. I’m amazed!

Why didn’t he tell me?

He didn’t tell me ! Well i didn’t ask. Should i have to ask though? Don’t I have the right to know what’s going. Am i not that special?
What if something had happened to him though? This man will make me go crazy . Why do i care so much ? Could i be in l…? Ooh i love him a lot 😍

The sparkle faded from my eyes…

I’m talking real deal breakers now! For relationships , all relationships i mean, deal breakers really exist! Something that just puts you off. It changes everything and makes you question your position, lose hope and just quit. Sometimes you’re lied to and often time its just something you discover, that you both didn’t expect at all. How you find out makes things spicy though. I had to experience it while looking in his eyes!
I loved that guy so much. I had lots of hopes and dreams for our relationship. Everything was perfect until one night, he decided he wanted to take things further! He wanted us to be exclusive but there was a catch! I had to accept his baby and baby mama as part of our freshly blooming relationship! Apparently he’d had the child when he “was young and naive” , and there i was , busy believing i had a young man at my disposal!

The sparkle i had possessed for a while, and that i hoped would stay forever, faded instantly from my eyes. I could tell by the look on his face that he noticed! It must’ve been so heartbreaking for him. He probably felt judged. Poor thing.
Well i was in a dilemma too! I didn’t know how to handle any of it, so it was better for me to leave. I wasn’t running away from the problem, but rather, j didn’t want to be the one bringing complications. Yeah, complications, coz I’d definitely throw tantrums all the time or be jealous or whatever, coz he and his baby mama obviously had a bond , a connection that would never really fade. Telling my folks would also be crazy! I actually know they would not bless the complicated union easily.
Yeah, so i can’t date someone’s baby daddy, it’s a deal breaker for me . What’s yours? And why? Do you think it can really take the sparkle off your eyes?


My right brain is more dominant than my left and so I’m right brained! I’m artsy, intuitive, creative and imaginative than i am logical or analytical. I can’t stand maths and sciences as i struggle so much to understand them.

I used to think i was abnormal. I wondered why i preferred intuition rather than logic. Why i was a hopeless romantic and why i loved colours, music and day dreaming! Now i know why and I’m embracing the new knowledge by making the most of my being right- brained.

Which of your brain sides is more dominant? Knowing that can help you understand yourself better! It can also guide your choices in relationships , career and spirituality. All the best discovering your dominant side.